Jazzlyn 蔡佩攸小朋友生日派對善行

Charitable donation for Jazzlyn’s Birthday Party



Jazzlyn turns 5 this year!

On this special day, she encourages everyone to make donations and support Chinese children in Myanmar to learn Chinese.


Chinese Education in Myanmar

After the second world war, the first generation of ethnic Chinese settled in Lashio, Shan State in northern Myanmar. They developed local Chinese schools which inherited Chinese culture. In the subsequent anti-Chinese wave, the “Han Chinese” was re-named “Kokang”, which originated from the local area of the same name. Schools taught the Kokang language, rather than Chinese, in order to survive in the name of ethnic minorities. Today, the second and third generations of ethnic Chinese have taken root in Myanmar and gradually integrated themselves into the country. Although children attend Myanmese schools, they have not forgotten their origins. These children also attend a local Chinese school at dawn and at dusk, before and after their classes in Myanmese schools. They work hard to learn Chinese culture, and daily class time can reach 10 hours or more, which is highly admirable.


For Myanmese students to study Chinese, not only do they have to start before dawn, but also study in a less than ideal environment. The school is constructed from wood and bamboo, and there is no noise insulation between classes, which greatly affects the concentration of both teachers and students. During storms and heavy rain, the situation is even worse with many safety hazards.

There are many underprivileged children who cannot attend school, as their families are unable to afford the monthly school fees of just tens of Hong Kong Dollars.


Together, can we all help these Children in need?


Your Generosity Will Provide Warmth!

Your generosity will not only help with physical needs, it will also and more importantly, give those in needs a heartfelt warmth knowing that someone care for them!