Running a Marathon, 42.195 km in length, takes much stamina. Sowers Action’s 10 Marathons is even more demanding given the mountainous terrain and other challenges that come non-stop after one reaches the peak. In addition, one has to complete 10 such marathons in a set time-frame.
Many run marathons not for the final results, but rather as an act of self-challenge, pushing one’s limit to achieve what was once thought impossible. Every race has its champion and runner-ups, some may come in last or may not be able to complete. Often those who persevere to the end can write and tell their own stories.
Do you have the courage to rise up to our 10 Marathons challenge? If so, other warriors await you, to cross the finish line together.

Sowers Action 10 Marathons

Volunteers of Sower Action see that more and more of their friends are participating in marathons, using long distance running to build positive energy, inspiring others to catch the running spirit. In 2020, a handful of runners started the 10 Marathons, and with limited word-of-mouth publicity, 217 runners participated, raising over HK$52,000 in the end.

Latest News

Inspire the general public to run, and through which, to build up immune to combat the epidemic (adversity)

Build positive energy and attitude

Encourage the public to take active part in social work, to pay back to society, and to spread the joy of running at the same time

Fundraising Target

Tuition and other education assistance programs for the students of Sowers Action

2020 Fundraising Achievements

Provided 14 laptop and 5 tablet computers to primary / secondary school students of low-income families to enable remote learning on the internet