Nepal Emergency Relief Project Report

Thank you for your great support on Nepal Emergency Relief. As of 13 July, we have raised $4,843,680.8 through “Nepal COVID-19 Appeal” and $1,181,509 through “Combating Covid on Foot”,a 720-hour marathon. All your donations are used in the following projects:

Community Food Relief Project

Thrangu Monastery 700 HHs (1 Month)

VCN agriculture and psychosocial support project (phase I) 300 HHs (10 days)




Hot Meal Distribution on the Street

VCN project (400 mealboxes per day)

Thrangu project (600 mealboxes per day)




Oxygen Concentration Distribution

First 200 sets

Second 200 sets




Food Relief to Early Day Care Center

CWARDS (3 months)


Food Relief to Children's Home

Thrangu Monastery (3 months)


Food Relief to Isolated Families who Have Tested +ve

VCN 1250 HHs (food support for 10 days)

Project under planning




Distribution of Healthcare Equipment

11 health institutions distributed by VCN (finished0

Project under planning




Flood Relief Project

VCN project

Thrangu project

Project under planning





Food Relief to Slum Households

Project under planning (Thrangu Monastery)


Covid Testing Kit


60,000 test kits


Medical or food assistance

(to be confirmed)






Children Welfare and Rural Development Services (CWARDS)
Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN)