Electricity is luxury to many people in Myanmar. An energy report in 2017 showed that only less than 40% of families nationwide had power supply at home. The figures in some poor regions such as Ayeyarwady, Mon, Kayin and Rakhine were even lower than 20%. Village schools often rely on ambient light. During the rainy season (April to October), the lack of sunlight from outdoors means pupils have to struggle with reading their textbooks and what their teachers write on the blackboards.

The absence of power supply…
-Severely affects teaching and learning
-Damages children’s vision

-To enhance the sustainability of the community through training of the headmasters, teachers and villagers to install and maintain the solar system.
-Improve school environment and teaching materials. Once schools are equipped with power supply, they can also serve as venues of evening classes. Adults in the community can learn, for example, about hygiene, agriculture, animal husbandry and even computer, internet education programmes and webinar.

Donation of HK$2,500, one classroom will be illuminated with a solar lighting
A donation of $4,000 provides one lighting and education solar system to a classroom.

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Diamond $ 120,000+
Gold $ 80,000+
Silver $ 40,000+
Bronze $ 20,000+