We believe that every child has the right to receive education, regardless of rich or poor, handicapped or able-bodied, ill or sound. Based on our principle of “Multipurpose Educational Aid”, besides providing Student Sponsorship, School Construction and Facilities, we also care about related support in the surrounding environment. Wherever there is a need, we will offer our services, hoping to see no children cannot go to school because of poverty.

Since left-behind children and single-parent students are commonly found in Mainland China, teachers somewhat have to take care of students’ psychological conditions. Education in Mainland China used to focus on knowledge transmission instead of whole-person development, and thus tend to be comparatively boring. We offer Teacher Training to let both the teachers and the students enjoy the fun of teaching and learning.

Children with special needs are no doubt the weakest ones among China’s education system. They may be developmentally delayed, physically handicapped, orphans; or suffered from cerebral palsy, hearing impaired, visually impaired, down syndrome and autism… they need special care, adaptive aid, and professional tutors that can help them in their personal growth. That’s why we implement Special Education and Children’s Home projects.

Even though they are vulnerable and easily neglected by the public, they are never any less worthy to us. We are willing to give them new life by putting back all those missing pieces to their shattered life.