About Sowers Action Shamshuipo Centre

In providing relief services for the 5th wave of the COVID pandemic, Sowers Action launched an emergency food supply program that reached more than 600 needy families in Shamshuipo. Through this, we saw and realized that many basic needs in the community have gone unaddressed. This prompted us to launch our “Sowers Action Shamshuipo Center” to service its community on a long-term basis. This service center is located at 158 Ki Lung Street in Shamshuipo.

Aims and Objectives of the Shamshuipo Service Center

  • ● Provide relief to everyday family stress / promote family harmony
  • ● Provide training to parents and children on useful skillsets and tutoring to improve academic achievements
  • ● Accompany and nurture growth in each child, his academics, knowledge and ability
  • ● Foster community spirit and mutual care and help amongst families
  • ● Promote and increase employment opportunities