We deeply believe that only when we can pool social resources and mobilize volunteers’ enthusiastic participation, we can then devote more and better resources to education and children’s home, enabling children in poverty to have a good and healthy environment for their study and development.  This is the reason why we actively encourage and invite different organizations and corporations to join us in our work of education aid.  We hope that through such strategic partnership, we can bring in more professional advices and resources to uplift the efficiency and cost effectiveness in project development, design, implementation and monitoring.

Our strategic partners

(in alphabetical order)
Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)

Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong) and Sowers Action entered into a strategic partnership in Sep 2018; under which EWG will offer engineering and technical support to our overseas projects.  Through rebuilding and enhancing schools, children’s home and various development projects, we aim to improve the living and learning environment of the underprivileged groups with sustainable development.

Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China (Shanghai)

Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China (Shanghai) has been supporting Sowers Action on various projects since 2014. HKCCC has been actively encouraged its members to join our “Sending Love” program to distribute winter clothes to needy children in mountainous region in Mainland, offering them warmth in chilly winter. The Chamber also actively supports our children’s home project and promotes our Child Sponsorship Program among their members. In upcoming days, HKCCC will bring more co-operation opportunities to Sowers Action via the network of its members.

Rural Women Development Foundation Guangdong

Rural Women Development Foundation Guangdong becomes our strategic partner since Oct 2018. We join hand to promote children welfare and education for women in Mainland China.

Sanshin Corporation-Hong Kong Branch

Sanshin Corporation – Hong Kong Branch and Sowers Action entered into a strategic partnership in January 2019 to provide essential welfare and improve learning conditions for children in poverty-stricken areas across Asia.  Through better education opportunities, help attain a higher living standards and environment.


OCEA Hub and Sowers Action has entered into a partnership agreement committed to the promotion of  education and its culture and poverty alleviation to benefit ethnic Chinese.