Important Notice

To comply with the regulation on children welfare, Sowers Action will have to make some signification modifications to the agreements with various local Government Welfare Bureaus and cease to be the management or supervising party of the homes in Diqing Autonomous Region as of Aug 31, 2021, and in Shuifu and Yongshan as of Sep 30, 2021.

From an administrative perspective, this will require a change in legal representative, directors, and articles and bylaws in the existing Non-Government organizations. Also, employment contracts will be terminated with severance in accordance with local Labor laws, and assets will be liquated and transferred to the respective homes. Thereafter, local government will assemble a new management team and assume full responsibilities in the running of these Homes.

At the moment, a new arrangement to support the Homes in a non-management role with financial oversights through periodic financial and working reporting is confirmed for the Diqing Home and is still under discussions for the Shuifu and Yongshan homes.

It is an honor for Sowers Action to have the opportunity to collaborate with local Government Welfare Bureaus to providing care for children in needs. We hope to announce new partnership agreements shortly, and meanwhile, Sowers Action sincerely invite our donors to continue your support to the Children Homes, to create a better environment for our children to grow up in.

This results in the establishment of our Children’s Home in Yunnan starting in 2013 with objectives to providing a Home to raising our children with comprehensive and holistic education. The underlying importance of our aim is to address not only basic needs, but also more importantly, to raise positive value and behavior for their eventual integration into mainstream society.

Yongshan Sowers Children's Home

The successful running of the Shuifu Sowers Children’s Home has provided an exemplary model not only locally but also for nearby counties. In 2016, we received an invitation from the Yongshan County government to open a Children’s Home that works on the same joint-operational principles; and the Yongshan Sowers Children’s Home went into service in Sep 2016.The Yongshan Sowers Children’s Home operates 2 building with a total floor space of close to 5.7 acres and maximum capacity of 200. Similar to Shuifu’s, this Home aims to provide a home environment for our children and houses an array of facilities, including independent male and female dormitories, kitchen and dining hall, bathroom and shower, recreation and learning areas like playground, library and computer room. The Home is now servicing close to 80 children with age range of 2-14, including a few that need special care.

Diqing Sowers Children’s Home

Since the establishment of Shuifu Sowers Children’s Home and YongShan Sowers Children’s Home, the mission and the management standards of these two homes are recognized by other areas in Yunnan. Recommended by the Department of Civil Affairs of Yunnan and accompanied by their representatives, Sowers visited Diqing in early 2018 for investigating the possibility of establishing Diqing Sowers Children’s Home.In May 2018, Sowers Action formally signed a contract with the Department of Civil Affairs on establishing Diqing Sowers Children’s Home under the Government.  Diqing Sowers Children’s Home aims to provide a home for orphans and children in distress in Shangri-La, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.  It will be in service in the autumn of 2018.