In addition to personal donation, support from community and business sectors is equally important. Through cooperation with Sowers Action, enterprises and corporations can deliver your social responsibility and actively help improve the lives of the less fortunate.

Please contact Communications and Fundraising Department (2597 4739) to explore various cooperation options.

Beneficiary Activities

Enterprises and corporations can invite us to be the beneficiary of your promotion or fundraising activities. This not only helps underprivileged children, it is also a way to show your passion, deliver your social responsibilities and encourage your staff to make donation to the society.

Event Sponsorship

We organize various fundraising activities to raise public awareness about underprivileged children.

Our fundraising activities are organized by volunteers. The volunteer organizing committees not only spend their spare time, they also need to find their own sponsors and operation fund. It’s important to have the start up operation fund which enable us to move forward different activities which raise fund and public awareness in promoting our education aids.

Enterprises, corporations and charity foundation can participate in our activities as event title sponsorship or through any other kinds of sponsorship. You can also motivate your staff to join our events to deliver your corporate social responsibilities.

Operation expenses donation

Since our founding, we have always raised program funds independent of overhead and operation costs, and offer donor assurance that 100% of program funds raised will be applied towards the benefit of the program helping those in needs. This method has won acclaim and confidence from our donors and society at large.

To drive various education aid programs, we also need operational fund which is an important component in our education aid ecosystem. Only when we have this support, we can move on with less anxiety.

Donation to support our operation costs are most welcomed. Your support will enable us to increase effectiveness and productivity of our education aid programs and fundraising activities.

School construction and Children’s Home donation

Donation for different projects is welcomed. If individual, corporate or foundation donors make a significant donation to our school construction or children’s home projects, we can offer the naming rights to acknowledge your kind support. We also welcome donation to support other school facilities such as classroom, library, rehabilitation room and recreational facilities, etc.

Placement of Donation Box

Donation Box is a convenient way to make donations. We welcome corporations and organizations to place donation box in your stores, outlets and offices. This provides a way to collect generous donation from your staff, customers and the public. Our donation box is in the measurement of 17cm (H), 17.5cm (W) and 12.5cm (L). Join us to help more children in need with this meaningful cause.

Our heartfelt thanks to the following company and corporations in placing our donation box (in alphabetical order):

  • Café de Coral
  • CANVAS Beauty
  • Green Storage
  • Mr Lam Kwan
  • 鸿福堂
  • Le Club Central
  • Light House
  • Pacific Coffee

Firms or manufacturers can support us and show your care to the needy by not only monetary donation but also donation-in-kind.

We welcome donation in kind that can help improving the learning conditions of children in need. Donation in kind such as stationeries, classroom tools and winter clothing are welcomed. These gifts will be given to the children and school in need through work group volunteers or charity activities walkers. These small gifts can be a valuable resource in supporting our works.

Donors should arrange transport of their contribution to the final destination to save our operational cost.

We also welcome service sponsorship such as graphic design, collateral printing, public relations service, advertisement platform, translation service, etc. Any kind of service donation means a lot to our operations.

Project to be funded

School Construction project

  1. Qinglong Village Shuanglian Primary School, Dayu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province
    The school was built in 1991 with campus occupies a 2500m2 and gross floor area at 590m2. The school buildings include a single-storey teaching building, teachers’ dormitory and lavatory, all classified as Grade D “Dangerous Buildings”.School reconstruction items include:
  • Two-storey teaching building
  • Playground improvement
  • Lianghe Village Xiaoxi Primary School, Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province
    The 9.7 Yiliang earthquake in 2012 had damaged Xiaoxi Primary School’s two school buildings which were demolished later. A temporary prefabricated house was built to accommodate the students. The condition of this temporary building deteriorates after years of usage and a new teaching building becomes essential.School reconstruction items include:

    • School complex
    • Student dormitory
    • School canteen
    • Lavatory

Student sponsorship

  1. High school and university student sponsorship
    In general, children in mainland can enjoy 9 years’ free primary and junior secondary education. However, it is regret that some students, who have ability to continue study in high school or university, may have no choice but quit due to poverty. Therefore, we would like to help these students to finish further studies.

    • High school student sponsorship: RMB1,500 per person P.A. for consecutive 3 years
    • University student sponsorship: RMB5,000 per person P.A. for consecutive 3 years