Guangzhou Sowers Action Charity Foundation

On 31 August, 2016 Guangzhou Sowers Action Charity Foundation was set up with the approval from the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality and the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau.

Guangzhou Sowers Action Charity Foundation also cares about the education for children and youth in poverty. We hope to help those underprivileged and disabled students to enjoy equal education opportunity and finish their education.

Guangzhou Sowers Action Charity Foundation has started a co-operative project with Rural Women Development Foundation Guangdong featuring puberty education for children of migrant workers. Migrant Children are relatively vulnerable as they lack parental attention and sexuality education, not to mention any effective mechanism in community to protect them from any sexual assault. This program is designed to help these migrant children to learn self-defense, self-respect and self-appreciation.

Vancouver Sowers Society of Education

Vancouver Sowers Society of Education (VanSowers) is our alliance who shares the same philosophy and code of practice.

VanSowers was founded in Canada in 2002, and registered as a charity organization in 2006 (charity no.: 85995 6286 RR0001). VanSowers is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit-making registered charity organization supported by volunteers. Projects include improving education environment of poverty regions in China, as well as some local educational projects in Vancouver.

VanSowers’ projects in China are executed through Sowers Action Hong Kong. Our working principles – “On–site Assessment, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow up” – have supported VanSowers on carrying out their subsidy projects in great extent. At the same time, VanSowers has actively promote Sowers Action Hong Kong, helping to recruit participants to join various charity activities organized by Sowers Action Hong Kong, including the Long March 2004-2005, the Ancient Tea Horse Expedition Route 2007 and 2015.