According to the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”, Sowers Action (hereinafter referred to as “SA”) promises to keep your personal data confidential when collecting, using, retaining, securing and transmitting your personal data. SA will collect personal information in a legal and fair manner. The information collected will be used for charitable fundraising and other activities of SA, such as issuing receipts, providing event information, fundraising information, appealing to support SA’s work and statistics, etc. SA will ensure that it will not be accessed, processed, deleted or used for other purposes by unauthorized persons or accidentally.  For the aforementioned purpose, staff and volunteers of SA authorised in that behalf may have access to your personal data. It may also be transferred to the following parties for the aforementioned purpose–


  1. Banks and other institutions related to online payment;
  2. Staff, agents, consultants, auditors, contractors or service providers who provide related services for the operation of SA;
  3. According to the laws of Hong Kong, the person or organization SA must disclose to.

SA cannot control how the above third parties use the information.


Supply of personal data in the above form is on a voluntary basis.

According to the current “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”, you have the right to access and correct your personal data. If you want to access and correct your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer of SA at

If you have any questions about security and privacy, please contact the Data Protection Officer of SA at