We are committed to promote fair and equal opportunities for the disadvantaged to realize their rights to education.

Since the recent economic reform and progress, China has witnessed significant investment and progress in its education policies and structures, most notably the rights to public education. Despite the progress, there are still many who will require our assistance, our mission to help the disadvantaged to education remains unchanged.

In another part of the world, there are children who have lost their homes, their loved ones and the opportunity to receive education as a result of politics, race as well as natural and man-made disasters.  By expanding our educational aid from to other countries, we hope to reach out to more children who are in need. Though the geographic area in which we serve is changing, we remain true to our code of practice and strive to ensure the proper and effective use of all donations.

Work Principles
Our work is based on the following 3 pillar principles: On–site Assessment, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow up.

On-Site Assessment

Our volunteer teams will conduct multiple site visits in order to analyze local economic and education conditions to form the basis and priority of our sponsorship programs.

Direct Subsidy

We offer subsidy directly to the recipients with signed agreements specifying rights and obligations of both parties.

Long Term Follow up

We conduct post-project audits, school and home visits to ensure that projects are carried out in accordance with signed agreements.

Donation Applied Entirely to Cause

Since our founding, we have always raised program funds independent of overhead and administration costs, and offer donor assurance that 100% of program funds raised will be applied towards the benefit of the program helping those in needs. This method, which we pioneered, has won acclaim and confidence from our donors and society at large.

Same time, we take the opportunity to thank our Council to the Board for their unrelenting and unsung support to help carry out our mission and objective.

Efficient Operation Costs

Our organization insists on being as efficient as possible on administration and overhead costs, never spending unnecessarily or excessively on media promotions.  In addition, we have strict control on the ratio of operating expenses to donation fund.

In addition, our volunteers fund their own travel and operational costs, thereby further alleviating needs to a large administration expenses.