Ayemyitta Disable Centre (AMDC) in Yangon is the first validly registered centre for the disabled. It was founded by a visually impaired lady in 2003 and is currently managed by her son.

At present, AMDC cares for 98 disabled children, including those suffering from deafness, blindness and muscular as well as intellectual impairment. Of these children, 18 have to stay in AMDC premises because they either have no family or their families are unable to care for them.

Because AMDC’s premises and facilities are limited at present, it can only provide basic care and training for the children in the hope that they will be able to return to conventional schools. Unfortunately, these public schools do not have the technical expertise and support required to care for students with special needs and cannot provide a suitable learning environment for them.

AMDC therefore hopes to construct a three-storey compound which provides education and rehabilitative treatment for students with special needs.

The new compound will provide accommodation for 50 more students and increase the total number of students that can be cared for during the day to 200. This ensures that more disabled children can receive the care that they need. At the same time, the compound provides parents with training and helps them learn how to take care of their special needs child.

After understanding the difficulties and needs of AMDC, Sowers Action decided to fund the construction of its new compound. It has also dispatched a special education needs working group to AMDC to understand their learning and training needs. In this way, it is hoped that Sowers Action can provide AMDC with both the hardware and software required to achieve its objectives.