In 1992, two of our founder volunteers spent a whole day travelling to poverty stricken areas in Yangshan County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. With strong ambition and passion, they managed to visit a list of primary schools even with limited information and resources. This marked the first milestone of our education aid service.

After the visit, they founded Sowers Action. With a belief that “Knowledge can change Fate”, Sowers Action works to pool in social resources and efforts to improve education conditions for children in the mountain areas in mainland.

We are grateful to have full support from members and volunteers who participate in school construction work groups, student visits, teachers’ training, children’s home and various fundraising activities. With their devoted participation, from planning to execution, resources are properly mobilized and operation cost is kept at the lowest.

It is the selfless dedication and active participation of our volunteers that help Sowers Action move on to its 25th anniversary. Their expertise and valuable time are important components that enable us to continue the work in improving education condition in China.

Be a Member:

If you have the same belief as Sowers Action, we sincerely invite you to join and help us to promote and raise fund for supporting our works.

As a member, you have the right to: organize charity or fundraising events, be an Executive Committee member helping to promote education aid projects, vote in the AGM or being elected as Board of Directors. We look forward to your participation.

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Be a Volunteer:

We welcome people from all walks of life join us as volunteers. Through our work groups, voluntary teaching, school visits, etc, you can understand how we help improving education environment in mainland. You can also help us through data input, filing, translation or graphic design and so on.

With your help, resource can be properly used and operational cost can be lowered.

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