Our founding mission is to promote fair and equal education rights and opportunities, and one of our major actions is in the improvement of educational facilities in rural areas.

Strict adherence to our pillar working principles to ensure construction qualities and efficient usage of resources, has won acclaim and confidence from our communities. Our school construction volunteer teams will conduct site visits to analyze the needs. Once the need for reconstruction of a new school is confirmed, our professional engineer will monitor the construction work until the project complete. To make sure the donation is properly used, after the first installment is paid, the remaining amount will be paid only when the project progress and construction quality are on the right track.

With China’s rapid economic growth and education reform in recent years, however, the needs for school constructions, once critical, has been declining steadily, and this is a positive development that we are glad to have witnessed! Despite that, there are remote areas that still need our assistance in constructing and improving schools, facilities, and equipment. We will continue our effort to providing a safe and complete environment for learning.

Before reconstruction

After reconstruction

From our founding to Dec 2017, we have supported constructions of over 1,300 schools and dormitories, completed more than 400 projects in school facility improvements

School reconstruction999
Dormitory reconstruction60
Classroom construction240
Reconstruction of school and dormitories for the Special Needs4
Reconstruction of school for Teacher Training1
Support for the betterment of school facilities, maintenance and water supply472