Our principles
We are committed to promote fair and equal opportunities for the disadvantaged to realize their rights to education in China.
Children’s Home
According to China Report statistics on Children Welfare, there are approximate 510,000 orphans and an additional 8.9 million children living in poverty. Although China is now, since 2010, offering financial subsidy to them, caring of orphans and the impoverished remains a concern. With our relenting effort to assist the disadvantaged, Sowers Action has expanded its program to providing basic needs and care for this group. In 2012, our member council decided to further the organization’s efforts in providing care and access to education to this group.
School Construction and Facilities
Our founding mission is to promote fair and equal education rights and opportunities, and one of our major actions is in the improvement of educational facilities in rural areas.
Student Sponsorship
Since 2006, the Chinese government has implemented a 9-year state-sponsored education scheme and at the same time offered subsidies on related expenses such as costs of dormitory and textbooks. While this makes basic education possible for all, attending senior high school and higher means of education remains out of reach for the impoverished. Drop-out rate post junior high school reaches as high as 30% and the main attributing factor is financial difficulties.
Teaching Training
A seedling needs tender care from its gardener, this is the true meaning behind the name of our organization where the seedling and the gardener symbolize the student and the teacher, respectively. As such, in addition to providing “hardware” we also provide the “software” to escalate teaching caliber. This training includes special education, pre-school education, English education, school administration skills, and student counseling knowledge.
Special Education
It has always been our objectives to serve the disadvantaged and recently launched efforts to assist those with special needs to gain access to education, and through which, to improve their livelihood via better ability, skills and knowledge. At the moment, we are servicing those with developmental delay, hearing or visual impairment, Down syndrome, autism, and physical impairment.