Our team

Board of Directors 2019-2020

The Board of Directors is made up of 8 volunteer members. It is the top decision-making team which is responsible for management, control and strategic planning. The Board members are elected by the members in the Annual General Meeting held in Oct every year.


Mr Albert Ho

Vice Chairperson

Mr Paul Pak

Ms Vanessa Ching

Mr Raymond Lee


Mr Gilbert Mo

Mr Thomas Cheung

Ms Doreen Chan

Ms Vivian Lee

Executive Committee 2019-2020

Sowers Action operates through an Executive Committee which reports directly to the Board. There are 5 major departments which responsible for project funding service, administration and promotion etc. In addition, we, from time to time, cooperate with different partners and organize various fundraising activities to raise public awareness. The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers in great extent.


Mr Choi Shiu Ming

Vice Chairperson

Ms Rita Lam

Ms Leung Yuk Kit

Project Funding Services Department


Ms Marjorie Cheung*

Communications and Fundraising Department


Mr Cheung Yik Him

Human Resources and General Affairs Department


Mr Eddie Suen

Deputy Head

Mr Dan Ng

Finance Department


Mr Terence Lai

Deputy Head

Mr Michael Chan

Information and Technology Department


Mr Derek Kwok

* Ms Marjorie Cheung is our staff

Council to the Board – 2018-2019

We take the opportunity to thank our Council to the Board members for their unrelenting and unsung support to help carry out our mission and works.

Mr Raymond Chan

Mr Eric Chen

Ms Gayle Fung

Mr Eddie Leung

Dr Kevin KC Hung

Mr Tommy Ip

Mr Frederick HM Lam

Mrs Fannie Yip

Mrs Louise DA Mon

Mr Eric Ng

Mr Shih Wing Ching

Honorary Advisers

Prof. Lee Chack Fun

Dr Leung Kwan Kwok

Dr Cheng Kai Ming

Mr Jimmy CS Yeo

Honorary Legal Advisers

Mr Alex HY Chan

Ms Gon Liyan

Mr Yu Feng

Mr Lincoln Ho

Mr John FC Li

Honorary Auditors

T.K. Lo & Co.

W.K. Wong & Co.

Honorary Company Secretary

Tricor Secretaries Limited