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Notice to Participants

Registration Period

  • Registration period runs to Dec 10

Activity Dates

  • The 10 Marathons is scheduled to take place every other week, usually on Sundays, if a participant cannot attend on the official date of the race, he / she can complete the race anytime during the activity period between Sep 5, 2021 to Jan 31, 2022.
Routes and Distance
Individual Single Marathon

  • participant can choose any single route out of the 10 designated
  • Participant have a maximum of two separate days to complete the chosen route, there is no time limit to complete

Individual Division 5 Marathons

  • participant can choose any 5 different routes out of the 10 designated, there is no time limit to complete
  • Participants must finish each route on the same day started, there is no time limit to complete

Individual Division 10 Marathons

  • Participants must run in all 10 designated routes
  • Participants must finish each route on the same day started, there is no time limit to complete

If changes in the number of marathons or date of participation are needed after registration, please contact the organizing party by written email. Changes made before Jul 25th will be free of charge while a HK$100 administrative fees will be levied for each change made between Jul 26th and Aug 27th. No changes will be accepted after Aug 27th.

Checkpoint and Data Upload

Each route has designated checkpoints and participants are required to check-in at these locations along the chosen route, take photos with their number bib, upload them together with screenshots of the time, distance and map to the participant’s personal page for verification purpose no later than Feb 11, 2022.

Confirmation Letter

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you after registration, and upon payment of related fees and donations, an email advising your eligibility and participant number will be sent to you between Aug 9th and 20th. You can then log in to your personal page (participant login) by entering your participant number to download an official confirmation letter.

Supply Care Pack

Participants will receive a supply care pack prior to the start of the race. An email will be sent to you regarding their availability and please bring the email (cell phone copy acceptable) to the Sowers Action office (Address: Sunbeam Plaza, Room 101, 1/F, 1155 Canton Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong) to pick up your supply care pack within the time-frame prescribed. Please refer to the official email for details and we remind you to kindly bring your own shopping bag.
Participants who have successfully completed their chosen course will be awarded a completion medal, an electronic certificate (download period between Mar 1st and Mar 31st) and a souvenir.

Optional Purchases

$100/per,Available when you sign up

Donations and Official Receipts
  • Participants can continue to fundraise for this activity up until Feb 11th, 2022
  • Participants should complete the on-line sponsorship form, detailing names of his sponsor and amounts donated via the registration system on or before February 18, 2022. You can log in to your personal page (participant login) and click “Donor List” to access the form.
    note: amount entered in the “funds raised” field cannot exceed amount entered in the “Confirmed Donations” field. “Confirmed donations” are donations that have been confirmed by the Association, and “unconfirmed donations” are donations that have yet to be confirmed by the Association (not sure what you are trying to say) (online donations and bank deposits will generally take 3-4 working days to complete the confirmation).
  • After Feb 18th, 2022 participants who have failed to fill out his list of sponsor donors will have the entire amount issued under the name of the participant for tax receipt purposes. An administrative fee of HK$30 will be levied on each re-issuance, change to or additional tax certificate.
  • Participants can download official tax receipts on his personal page between Mar 1st to Apr 30th, 2022
  • An administrative fee of HK$30 will be levied on each re-issuance, change to or additional tax certificate.
Safety Precautions
  • To ensure your safety, participants are required to send WhatsApp message to organizer 9106 4082 notifying the start and completion of the day’s activity.
  • Participants must conduct the running activity during the day and should walk with 2-4 participants during the activity for safety.
  • At the start of the race, runners must send WhatsApp message 9106 4082 to organizer informing his participant number at the start of the race.  Similarly, a WhatsApp message need to be sent to organizer at the completion of the race.
  • Participants need to take photos of designated checkpoints and send screen shots via WhatsApp 9106 4082 to organizer.
  • Proper social distancing must be maintained and masks worn in accordance with relevant regulations at all times during the event. Please note that masks must be worn unless specifically exempted in certain situations
  • Please bring along sufficient supplies for the entire race and note that the organizing party does not furnish any supply replenishment on the routes.
  • Suggest all participants to purchase suitable and sufficient insurance for the activity
  • In the event of foul or extreme weather or when the participant is feeling unwell, please terminate the run immediately
  • During races, participants need to pay full attention to road conditions and cross the streets with caution at all times.

Phone:2597 4739


Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the marathon(s), participants can download his certificate of participation in his personal page by clicking on “Certificate of Participation”
Participant Document Download